Company History

Technology Integration Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the function of offering consulting solutions to technologically advancing companies around the globe. Its specialty continues to be the integration and development of multi-technology synergies for new applications across various business channels.


Corporate Information

Mr. Cosmos Voutsinos, President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Voutsinos earned a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, System Dynamics & Control, from the University of Waterloo and a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, Thermo-Fluids, from McMaster University. Cosmos' career progressed from system design in the Canadian nuclear industry to construction management in the USA nuclear industry in Taiwan. While in Taiwan he began a consulting career specializing in Engineering Economics. He designed Taiwan's power infrastructure to incorporate LNG ports/plants, coal ports/plants, oil fired, hydro and nuclear power plants to ensure that Taiwan had a reliable power supply in the event that military and/or political forces blocked external energy supplies. Cosmos sold this company to Taiwan interests.

Upon returning to Canada after a sailing sabbatical, he started Adtech Manufacturing Ltd. a subsidiary of Technology Integration Ltd. This new company designed and manufactured control systems capable of operating in hostile environments. His clients were in the nuclear, military and aerospace industries. In 2002 Cosmos sold his company and semi-retired to Lethbridge. He continues his involvement in the energy sector by serving as the Vice-Chairman for Alberta of the Canadian Nuclear Society.


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